SUP is the acronym for Stand up Paddleboarding, or in the Hawaiian language 'Hoe he’e nalu', is an emerging global sport with a Hawaiian heritage.

Popular at coastal areas and resorts, it is gaining in popularity as celebrities are sampling the sport and cross-over athletes are training with SUP.

No matter whether you are young or old, there is no age limit for stand up paddle boarding; even your dog can take a ride. SUP is a great way to discover the natural beauty of your surroundings, from catching waves to one of our scenic cruises, there is nowhere you cannot go on a stand-up paddle.

Unlike surfing, paddleboarding is very easy to learn and within one hour of tuition, you can become very comfortable in the water and on your board. Stand up paddleboarding is very popular also with women due to their lower center of gravity, and are often more often skilled at paddleboarding than men.
Paddleboarding is a great all-around sport that most people can enjoy with ease and is great for families and friends alike!