Top 3 Best Fishing Paddle Boards

These days, you don’t need to buy an expensive fishing boat that’s difficult to keep and impossible to maintain. You can simply use an inflatable stand-up paddle board instead. You can tuck it away when you don’t need it - and when you do, it’s easy to carry and move around in the water. And most importantly, it’s an affordable way to get into fishing.

But which paddle board should you get?
What’s the best size for you?
What kind of equipment do you need?

Well, in this article, we’ll talk about three of the best inflatable stand-up paddle boards (SUP) you can get. We’ll discuss the different characteristics of each board and also explore the pros and cons. In the end, we’ll show you which is the best paddle board for you based on your budget and needs.

Top 3 things to look out !!

Before we get started, let’s first take a look at what features you should keep in mind when choosing a paddle board.

Size: The number one thing you should check when buying an inflatable paddle board is the size. The bigger a board is, the bigger (and heavier) the people it can carry. As a general rule of thumb, if you’re buying a board for your kids, you should opt for a board that’s 9’6” tall. If you’re buying a board for yourself, get a boards about 10 feet tall. And if you’re over 90kg or want to onboard extra people, you’re going to need a board that’s between 11-12 feet tall.

Thickness: Inflatable paddle boards are generally between 4-6 inch thick. The thicker the boards, the more stable (and heavy) they are. In contrast, the thinner the board, the more flexible and easier to handle it is. Plus, thinner boards take less time to completely inflate.

PSI: PSI (pounds per square inch) refers to how much air the paddle board can hold. The more the PSI, the longer it will take you to completely inflate the board. But don’t worry, most inflatable paddle boards will get inflated within 5-10 minutes tops.

With that being said, let’s start with the reviews…


Best Fishing Paddle Board Table

Top 3 Best Fishing Paddle Boards

1. Aqua Marina DRIFT - Fishing Inflatable Stand-up Paddle Boar

The first inflatable paddle board on our list is the Aqua Marina drift.

The thing you’ll notice about this is that this paddle board is quite large - large enough so that one person can easily fish without worrying about being cramped. The boat is 130 inches (approx. 11 feet) tall and six inches thick.

The reason why this is a perfect combination of thickness and weight is because this board is made for the purpose of fishing. You can simply sit down and put all of your attention towards catching the fish (which is what truly matters). The long size, big width and ample thickness will make sure this paddle board stays stable while you do that.

To further improve the stability, this paddle board comes with two air chambers. They help make sure the paddle board stays secure no matter how much weight is on it.

This is great because the Aqua Marina DRIFT comes with a fishing cooler and high-back seat that’s necessary for storing all the fish you’re going to catch. All in all, the design and construction of this paddle board makes it possible for it to support a person (or weight) up to 138 kgs.

Lightweight and easy to carry.Small dimensions mean it can carry only one person.
Pointed hull allows it to go faster on water.No notable accessories other than the cooler.
Includes fishing cooler to store all the fish you catch!
More affordable than other paddle boards on this list.

2. Sea Eagle FishSUP 126 Inflatable FishSUP - Deluxe Package

The first thing you’ll notice about the Sea Eagle FishUP is that it’s even bigger than the Aqua Marina Drift. If you were looking to race or surf, this wouldn’t be a good paddle board for you. But since you’re fishing, all we can say is that bigger is definitely better.

This inflatable paddle board measures up to a huge 12’6” (150 inches) of length. Thee width of this board’s deck is also a bit bigger at 40 inches wide compared to the DRIFT’s 36 inches wide deck.

One notable disadvantage this paddle board has when compared to the DRIFT is that there is no fishing cooler included in the box. Yes, you do get a multi-purpose storage box but that’s not big enough. If you want to store your fish, you’re going to have to bring a different storage box.

But a good thing about the Sea Eagle FishSUP is that it has a one way air valve. This means inflating it is much faster with the whole process not taking more than 7 minutes. Another advantage this paddle board has is that it can carry weights up to 160 kg (350 lbs), which is enough to support two fully grown human beings on this one board to take on a fishing trip.

Larger surface area means two lightweight adults can be supportedNo fishing cooler to store your catches
Easy to inflate due to one-way air valveRounded hulls means slower speed on water
Includes multiple accessories like a backpack and multipurpose storage box

3. SBBC - Inflatable Paddle Board ULTIMATE DELUXE Package

We saved the best for last. This 11’ 6” paddle board is the ultimate inflatable SUP for any fishing enthusiast.

It’s designed and constructed with the best materials possible. It’s made with military grade dual layer PVC material that’s extremely robust and will survive minor to moderate bumps. It’s long size plus 32” deck width will make sure it stays stable no matter if it’s supporting one or two people.

And yes, this board supports weight up to 180 kgs (400 lbs). That’s enough to support two adults or three kids, making this the ideal board if you have a family.

But the best part about this paddle board is the sheer level of accessories that come with it. For starters, it comes with a 4 piece kayak paddle which easily turns this into a kayak ‘board’. In addition, you get fishing rod holders, which can come handy when you need a place to put your fishing rods. Also, you’re going to get a backpack, a waterproof fanny pack and much more.

This easily makes the SBBC Inflatable Paddle Board the best board and our top choice among all three. The only disadvantage is that this paddle board is the most expensive. But compared to the DRIFT and Eagle Eye, it comes with a lot more accessories as well - and can carry two fully grown adults.

Big deck makes this board perfect for fishingOne of the most expensive boards on the market
Can carry up to two peopleHeavy and not so easy to carry around
Includes lots of useful accessories.

Final Verdict

To choose the perfect fishing paddle board for you, first you need to think about your requirements.

If you’ve got a big budget, we recommend you get the SBBC paddle board. It comes with everything you can possibly need to take your fishing experience to the next level. Plus, you can carry multiple people on this paddle board, which is great incase you want to take a friend, your partner or your kids on an exciting fishing.

But if you’re strapped for cash and want a more affordable option, you’d probably want to go with the Sea Eagle paddle board. While it doesn’t have all the accessories, it can definitely support two moderately heavy people. And its big surface area will make sure you and your fishing partner aren’t cramped.

And finally, if you’re on a tight budget but will go fishing solo, the best choice for you is the Marina DRIFT. It’s light on the wallet, comes with a fish cooler and is easy to manage alone.


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